Thank you for your interest in the TRIO EOC program! We assist our program participants with questions about enrolling into educational programs throughout the United States.

Any applicant under 18 years at the time that this application is completed AND living in the household of their parent/guardian will be required to include their parent/guardian signature on this application. Take time to review the information requested and make sure to gather the required documents (FAFSA confirmation page, income verification: paystubs or copy of tax returns, copy of School Acceptance Letter and/or your current class schedule, etc.), and then return to this online application to complete and submit. Please complete this application as thoroughly as possible to be considered for entry.

NOTE: You cannot save and restart this application. 

All applicants will be required to submit/upload proof of U.S. Citizenship and documentation that supports low-income, disability, or military status. Please review the information you have entered prior to submitting your application as final.  

If you have any questions, call the EOC office at (330) 480-0726 x 3117. An EOC Representative will contact you to complete the EOC Intake process.

Congratulations on your decision and best wishes to you on your academic journey! - The TRIO EOC Team

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Post-Secondary Student: Currently enrolled in any education after K-12 (college, trade school, adult education courses, etc.)

Post-Secondary Dropout: Have not attended college/trade school/adult education, etc. since 2021.

Secondary Student: Any student currently enrolled in high school courses.

Secondary Dropout: Not currently enrolled/attending school in grades K through 12 AND have not received a Diploma or GED

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Needs Assessment
I need assistance with academic advice and assistance in course selection.
I need assistance in completing college admission and financial aid applications.
I need assistance in preparing for college entrance examinations.
I would like to attend workshops about financial and economic literacy.
I would like guidance on secondary school reentry or entry to a General Educational Development (GED) program.
I would like individualized personal, career, and academic counseling.
I would like to attend career workshops and counseling
I need assistance accessing food, housing, clothing, etc.